Stop spending time and money on new product ideas
Spend 30% less per click on Facebook Ads, using our product ideas. Moreover, you'll get such product ideas instantly.
Trendy products showcase
Choose product you are going to sell
Choose marketplace or create an online store
Find audience and build sales
Manage logistics from provider choice to product delivery
Product reselling consists of few huge steps
AliTools Trends solves one of the most critical problems of retail — finding products with great potential.
Just sign in, select a category, and choose products you want the most.
Everything is ready for you
Of course, you can to do it for the first time, just to be sure. Our service highlights products that have the fewest number of competitors among resellers and strongest trends.
No need to spend time rechecking products
You can make selection criteria stricter by setting narrower ranges of ratings, the number of orders, and prices.
Get products that fit your additional requirements
You can soften search criteria, specifying broader orders, price and rating intervals. This way you can see more products.
Risk more —
get more!
What you get
AliTools Trends shows items which have, on average, 30% lower cost pre click on Facebook Ads. Moreover, AliTools Trends has already found these products — you don't need to spend any time searching for them.
Oleg Kuzmenkov
E-Commerce Business Owner & Product Researcher
"I took a top product from AliTools Trends. Then I was trying to find a winning product on AliExpress from the same category from the same price range. Initially, I was checking different characteristics like Ads density and trendiness for AliTools selections and AliExpress products but ended up with the understanding that the AliTools selection can be taken for granted without additional checks."

As a result, average research time:
My mind and bare AliExpress: 40+ minutes/product
AliTools Trends: 3 minutes;

Average Facebook Ads cost without pre-processed AliExpress images and without any optimization:
My mind and bare AliExpress: $1.85 / per click
AliTools Trends: $1.03 / per click

"I managed to beat AliTools Trends a couple of times in terms of cost per click, but I used the AliTools Trends itself to do it. I was finding a product via AliTools Trends. Then I was looking for a better version with more appealing images and functions on AliExpress. In such cases, products, I found on AliExpress, performed better. But we treated it as cheating."
Zero-time product research
AliTools Trends finds products that you don't need to check additionally with other services. The sales growth rate is the first selection criteria, so the trendiness is guaranteed. Novelty is the second selection criteria so that you won't have many competitors.
Spend 30% less per click on Ads
The products we show are the newest among fast-growing. Few online retailers know about them. Less competitors — cheaper ads!
New product insights
every day
We update our product database every day. We watch products that real customers from around the world buy, giving you a selection of actual products. It protects you from a different kind of cheating and gives you a fresh, focused picture every day.
Find growing products few competitors know about
It's hard for a product to get to the top of our list. It should have a fast-growing rate, yet the whole sales volume should be relatively small. This is because a product with too many sales is more likely to have fewer potential customers who haven't bought it yet.
Who we are
AliTools has been collecting data and expertise about AliExpress since 2014. Now we know almost everything about 180.000 sellers and 55.000.000 products. We'd like to share this knowledge and help you find rising products on AliExpress.

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